Lucky Golden Joker Slots

Every gambler is different, which means there is no perfect game for everyone. That's why we give games like Lucky Joker Slot a chance. Even the games that seem painfully simple are worth playing because they could be the perfect option for some gamblers. This game looks basic at first, but maybe it has more to offer than we first realize. Find out what experiences come with this slot in our rapid review.

Five Always On Betways

There are five separate betways active at all times with this slot. That means there are five different ways to win prizes while playing. The betways are locked on which limits the wagering options slightly, but there is still a generous range of wagering options to work with.

An Excellent Range of Wagering Options

Low-stakes gamblers only need to wager $0.10 to spin, while serious players can bet all the way up to $100.00 per spin while playing. This range of wager options makes it possible for most gamblers to participate in the slot and to have a good time.

Wilds Appear Randomly

The wilds in this game show themselves randomly in unexpected positions. It's impossible to predict where wilds will appear while playing. Wilds lead to many of the wins in this slot though.

Instant Bonuses with a Special Reel

There is a bonus reel in Lucky Golden Joker that can pay out instant prizes at times. That special reel is one of the highlights of this slot and gives players another reason to keep spinning. While this game doesn't have many different bonuses, the special reel is one perk that many other slots cannot match.

Random Multipliers

While playing the slot you'll see random multipliers on the wild symbols. The multipliers help make the wilds more valuable, but you can never count on multipliers appearing while you play. If you're okay with gambling with lots of different elements of surprise at work the multipliers can make the game more interesting.

Free Play is Supported

This slot is very different from most others. That makes it intriguing, but also scary for gamblers who aren't sure if they'll enjoy it. If you don't know what to expect from the game you should test-play it first to learn how the different features work. open the slot in its Demo mode and test-play the game for free. Use this experience to decide whether to play the game for real or not.

A Poor Value

Lucky Golden Joker is not one of the better games to play if you care about your odds of winning. The game pays an average of 95% of the money it takes in back as prizes to its players. We always look for games that offer 96% of the money taken in or more when choosing what to play. Since the game delivers a lower percentage than that, it isn't the best value available.

Lucky Golden Joker is an interesting slot that some players will undoubtedly enjoy. The game is unpredictable, it's simple and it is easy to learn. This is the type of slot that works really well on mobile devices and it is something that we recommend to gamblers who are looking for a different gambling experience. If you want slots that feel different than what you're used to, test this game.