Lincoln Casino Tournaments

Online tournaments at Lincoln Casino are a big hit with players of all experience levels. These tournaments give you the opportunity to play your favorite slot or casino games against other players worldwide right from the comfort of your own home computer. Players in the tournament take home their regular winnings plus they also have the opportunity to cash in on the tournament prize. The buy in for any tournament at Lincoln Casino is very low and many are free, making this a perfect way to add a bit of excitement to your online wagering while doing what you enjoy most.

Amazing Gets Better With Amazing 7’s Slots

What is it about the number seven that is just simply amazing? For starters it is considered a very lucky number in most gambling establishments, and that couldn’t be any more true in the case of Amazing 7's Slots. Are you new to Amazing 7’s? In this five reel game, 7’s are indeed the name of the game. There are many different kinds of sevens, even fiery sevens which can lead to big time winning multipliers. Not only is their jackpot in this game, but there is a progressive jackpot timer in the corner of the screen which keeps tabs on your progress towards getting nothing but red sevens on the screen. In the jackpot bonus round, if you mange to get 15 red sevens to land, you will walk away with whatever prize or bonus is there at the time. Should you lose the main jackpot, you still stand a chance to walk away with something. The look and feel to this game plays out like a traditional casino slot. In fact the other symbols resemble traditional slot icons, like bells and various fruits. Amazing 7’s also features a strong free spins round, where you begin with 7 precisely. And after each win, you can opt to keep your winnings or double them by wagering half your money.

Liberty 7’s Slots – The Rewarding Patriot

The red white and blue have never been more appealing nor for that matter so rewarding thanks to Liberty 7's slots, a captivating three reel game, that plays and looks more in the mold of a vintage three reel game. As you most certainly guesses it, the number 7’s take center stage, especially the different shades and variations of red, white and blue that they come in. Because this a three coin, the more high profile sevens you land, the greater the reward will be.

All Aboard The Cash Caboose Slot Train

What happens when you get on the caboose with the intent to play slots? The answer is Cash Caboose Slots, a five reel, animated wonder, which pays to ride along the train. All the symbols reflect the charming, bygone era of the simple train ride. There is the engineer, and even bandits intent on robbing the train. There is a free spins round and even a minor jackpot of 5,000 coins. All aboard the Cash Caboose Slot Train.