Three-figure Casino Win

Lincoln Casino

Winning three figures playing a slot game or other casino game could mean you have scooped anything between $100 and $999. Anything else wouldn’t qualify as a three-figure win, right?

But have you thought about what you might do with that size win? A few hundred dollars would be ideal for a week away somewhere nice. A vacation could be the ideal choice if you managed to snag a prize large enough to allow for it. If it was on the small side of three figures, you could still plan a luxurious weekend away.

If you don’t like that idea, there are other things you could do to make the most of that prize. Do you like any of these?

Splash out on a coffee machine

Who doesn’t love freshly-brewed coffee first thing in the morning? If you regularly stop at a coffee shop to get your cup of joe, why not invest in a coffee machine instead? You know the kind of thing – you pop your beans in the top, the machine grinds them, brews the coffee, heats and froths the milk, and you get a cup of coffee that deserves to be savored. Wouldn’t that provide you with the best start to the day… every day? There isn’t even any need to get out of your pajamas either!

Buy yourself an experience

Experiences last longer in the mind than many other items you could buy with a hundred dollars or more. Maybe a flying lesson would appeal to you. Or, how about a driving lesson in a flashy vehicle – maybe on a proper race track?

Hot air ballooning, hang gliding, segwaying… you name it, there are plenty of experiences you could blow that cash on if you came up trumps playing a casino game.

Spend it on whatever you love most

This is probably the best advice of all, and it could easily relate to either of the items we mentioned above. Let’s say you’re a clothes horse. If you won anything from $100 to $999, you might see it as the perfect opportunity to go out and spend some money on some clothes. You love doing it, but how often do you get the chance to go out and spend that amount of money?

Alternatively, you might be a book lover. You could head for your nearest bookshop and buy all the books you have always had your eye on. Fill up a bookshelf or visit Amazon and download all your desired books onto your Kindle. Either way, you could top up on reading matter for months to come.

What would you spend the cash on if you managed a good win like this?