X Marks the Spot Slots

The title of this game is instantly intriguing, as we all know X marks the spot in places where treasure is to be found. So, have we got a pirating slot here, or does the title relate to possible prizes to be found in this game?

We shall reveal the game does indeed use a pirate theme, so it is hardly unusual in the world of slot games. But it is a great one to play, and we do have a soft spot for it. The design is nicely done, and it has been around for a while yet still manages to be enjoyable to play. But will it also be a winner?

Reels and paylines

You get five reels to spin in X Marks the Spot, and you can also wager your cash on up to 20 paylines per spin.

Coin values to play with

If you want to try this as a penny slot, you can do so. However, coins are valued at up to $10 a time, so there are other coins to be used here as well.

Special icons used in X Marks the Spot slots

The pirate is used as a wild in this game, and if you find a complete line of pirates, you will win the top prize worth 4,000 coins. You also get a scatter in use, capable of awarding scatter prizes. This is shown as a cannon, and it could grab up to 250x your bet if you find enough of them.

Are there bonus features to be found?

If you would like to play 15 free spins, you must find three or more cannon scatters to trigger this feature. You can also get a retrigger of the spins in the same manner. Anything you win during these spins is given a x3 multiplier.

You can also find a treasure map on each of the three odd-numbered reels. Do this, and you will win through to the Treasure bonus feature. This consists of three rounds, each of which has a treasure map. Select just one X from the eight provided on map one. Then, choose one from three locations on each of the second and third maps. After this, you will see what you have won… but if you want to, you can buy a key that will open a treasure chest. Will you keep your prize, or unlock the treasure chest to reveal the alternative?

Get ready to download and enjoy the X Marks the Spot slot today

What else can we say? This is a great game and one you should play today.