Hot Casino Games

What makes one casino game far more successful than another one? It is almost impossible to select a game that is new and to say with confidence how successful it might be. Some games seem to offer very little to the player and yet have managed to hit great heights in terms of the number of players continually going back to have another go.

So, why are some games hotter than others? Let’s see what we can figure out.

They should be affordable to play

While some players are happy to wager several dollars on each spin of the reels, this is unusual. There are thousands of players whose budgets simply wouldn’t stretch to that. You might be one of them.

If you look at some of the most successful slots around today (think of Cleopatra or Starburst, for example), you will see they are affordable to try. They also have a smaller selection of lines to cover, which again helps make them more affordable. Starburst only has 10, for instance, which makes it possible to play each spin from just 10 cents a time.

They should have a familiar and well-liked theme

Let’s look more closely at the two slots mentioned above. Cleopatra has one of the most common and successful themes of all, taking us to ancient Egypt, of course. Meanwhile, Starburst has a very basic background and uses lots of sparkling gems of various shapes and colors on the reels. Nothing too unusual there, obviously. Yet it has become a huge hit for NetEnt. It includes a wild that will remain in position for a re-spin, but other than that it doesn’t offer too much to get involved in.

They should be easy to play

Personally, we love nothing better than a slot game that boasts bonuses, special features, and second-screen bonuses too. However, we recognize not everyone follows that idea. The two games mentioned above are both quite easy to get to grips with. In fact, you could easily get started without even reviewing the paytable (not that we would recommend that).

While complex games have been huge hits and will continue to be so, lots of players love trying something far easier and less involved. You may well see free spins or re-spins in these games, but other than that there may not be too much else to look at.

Some have that magical and elusive element that makes them more successful

Some slots capture the imagination upon release and never let go. You can never tell which games will manage to do this, although the games that cover the elements mentioned above certainly stand a greater chance of success. Watch out for the hottest games around right now and see if you can spot why they have done well.