Will This Be Your Game Day?

Game Day is a fairly predictable title for a game that involves, yes, a sporting venture. In this case it happens to be American football, so you can be quite content in playing it if you like that sort of theme.

The game is presented in 2D and the graphics do leave a little to be desired. Or is it just that we’ve been spoilt by other amazing online slots? We’ll leave it to you to decide!

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

There are five reels in play in Game Day, and the game also benefits from giving you 20 lines to bet money on.

What can you bet on this slot?

You’ll be pleased to hear the minimum bet is just one cent on each payline, so if you want to place a 20-cent bet per spin, you can do so and still cover all the lines. However, the richer betters among you can go up to $10 per coin for a chance at bigger prizes.

Does Game Day have more valuable symbols in play?

Watch out for the referee. He’s important in American football anyway, but here he also acts as a wild symbol.

Look for the game play symbol here as well, because this represents the scatter. This means it can show up anywhere and if you have enough for a prize, you’ll win it. You can also look for three or more to trigger a free spins round plus a prize.

Can you play a bonus round?

Have you found three or more scatters? Congratulations – you get to go into the free spins round. You get 15 free spins in this case, which is quite generous, and they also give you a good 3x multiplier to apply to every win you could possibly get. This means the free spins round could work out to be quite generous if you’re lucky.

There is also a bonus target though, and two or more on a payline you’ve wagered on will unlock the bonus feature. This is comprised of eight steps, and you have to get past targets in each one to progress to the next level. Avoid the Fumbled sign otherwise it’s quits!

Download and play Game Day now!

If you’re a fan of American football, this is the game for you. Why not have a shot now to see how lucky you could be?