Tournament Collection

One thing you can look forward to every day of the week at Lincoln Casino is a tournament (or two – or more). We are known for delivering plenty of tournaments throughout every week. While some casinos rarely, if ever, provide any tournaments for their players to enter, we recognize how popular these events are. If you want to make sure you can enjoy a tournament on top of your usual gameplay at Lincoln Casino, we’ve got three ways you can do just that.

Try our daily tournaments for starters

The easiest way to dive in is to pick a daily tournament to partake in. These run throughout a single day, from start to finish. Better still, you won’t pay any fees to enter these tournaments. There is no buy-in involved and each tournament has a prize pool worth $100.

You will also see each daily tournament focuses on a different slot game. One day it might be Triple Triple Gold, while the next might bring you the Wheel of Chance slot. Look further into the month and Lucky Irish might pop up. You might then spot Lucky Fruity 7s, not to mention many other fascinating, entertaining, and popular slots.

The best thing about entering these daily tourneys – aside from the fact there is no buy-in to worry about – is that you can play a slot game just as you usually would. The bonus is you also have a chance to snag a slice of that prize pool. Once you are in your account, you can enter the tournaments section to find out more. Pick a tournament, take part and see what happens. You never know what the outcome might be. If you are going to play the game, why not play it as part of a tourney? Lots of players do, and it makes sense to give yourself additional winning chances.

Watch out for weekly tournaments coming next

Yes, just as we have lots of daily tournaments running throughout the month, Lincoln Casino likes to make sure we have some weekly tournaments for you to enter as well. Some of these will run for slightly longer than a week, so check out the start and end dates in the tourney section. Similarly, others might run for four or five days. However, even those that don’t run for an exact week will still appear in this section.

These events are not all based on slots either. For example, The Royal Flush was a tournament that ran between January 28th and February 10th, and as the name suggests, it was a poker tourney based on the game Jacks or Better. You might spot blackjack games used as the focus for some of those events too, so watch out for those.

Meanwhile, slots are on offer in these events each week. Some have a low buy-in of $3 or so, while others might be offered at no charge. Always check the latest information on upcoming tourneys in the relevant area of the Lincoln Casino website to see what applies in each case.

Very often, the weekly tournaments will have the prize pool marked as The Pot. That means whatever goes into it will be made fully available as the prize. Again, if you enjoy the game on offer, it is reassuring to know you can take part and have that extra opportunity to try and scoop a portion of the pot or prize fund.

The biggest prizes are available in the monthly tournaments

Once you have tried a few daily or weekly events, you might feel it is time to progress to something bigger. We have just the thing – our monthly tournaments section. Many of these will run for a month, while some might run for a longer or shorter time. Suffice to say they will all run for longer than a week if they make it into this section.

We think some of the best tourneys we can offer are in this section. There might be a Month Long tournament focusing on one game that starts on the first of the month and ends on the last day. Meanwhile, there could be other events inspired by certain games. The Big Pearl was inspired by the Dolphin King game, which is the focus of attention in that tournament. The same applies with The Great White tourney, in which you would play Shaaark! That is a great game if you haven’t tried it, by the way!

Other tournaments in this section are likely to be inspired by certain times of the year. We’ve had a Valentine’s Day tournament, for instance, and you can bet there will be other events coming up that are based around Halloween, summer vacations, Christmas, and more. Which ones might you guess would appear in the coming months?

One thing to bear in mind is that most – if not all – the longer tourneys will require a buy-in fee. This ranges from a few dollars up to about $10, depending on the individual event. However, you also get the chance to play for the bigger prize pools in these events. For example, some might be for The Pot, while others can be for $1,500 up to $5,000 and possibly more. There are usually multiple prizes in these longer-running tourneys, so that is worth thinking about.

Keep an eye on the leader board if you do take part

This can be found in the tournament lobby, which forms part of the website once you are signed into your account at Lincoln Casino. The board is updated regularly, but it does take at least 30 seconds to be updated to reflect current standings, and possibly as much as 60 seconds. So, be aware this might mean your latest standing is not 100% accurate given anything you might have played in the last few seconds. The same applies to all other players on the leader board.

However, it does give you a fair idea of where you are in the current standings. It doesn’t guarantee you will be a prize winner, of course, but you can check your progress whenever you wish. It is something that is good to do whenever you log into your Lincoln Casino account, not to mention a good bet when the event is approaching its end. Your method of play may change according to your position, although you should always bear your budget in mind above all else. That would be the best and most responsible approach in all cases.

We’re planning upcoming events even as you read this

We’re never short of inspiration at Lincoln Casino. You can be sure the team is hard at work behind the scenes to see what we can offer you for future tournaments and thrills. We think we have one of the best collections around right now, and we defy any other casino to beat our collection of tourneys. Players are joining the action every day and it is easy to see why. Will you join them as well?