Northern Lights Slots

The Northern Lights are known as one of the world’s most stunning natural phenomena. If you have ever seen them, you’ll know it is impossible to describe how beautiful they are. It is perhaps surprising that they haven’t been used as a theme for more slot games in the past, but all that changes here as we explore the Northern Lights slot.

Reels and win lines format

You can get started with five reels in this game, and bet on 25 paylines, too.

Betting possibilities

With a one-cent minimum on each line, a 25-cent bet is possible on the lot. Meanwhile, the biggest coin to choose is the ten-dollar one, meaning a $250 bet is possible, too.

Does Northern Lights have special icons to look for?

The Northern Lights can be seen in many countries, not all of which are home to polar bears. However, that is the symbol shown here as the wild, which is appropriate! Expect to win 6,000 coins if you get five on an enabled line. Meanwhile, the aurora borealis itself is used as the scatter icon. The game is themed around the lights, so it makes sense this would be used as a more important icon.

Northern Lights bonus features

There is just one bonus feature here, although it is not based around any free spins. The bonus is good fun, though, and it is revealed by finding three aurora icons on the screen, which can appear anywhere. Here, you will be presented with a polar bear and lots of chunks of ice. Your task is to choose an ice block for him to jump onto. If he reveals a credit win, you have done well. However, if he falls in because the ice breaks, the bonus feature ends and you return to the main game. The idea is to get as many prizes as you can before the ice breaks!

Download and play the Northern Lights slot today!

The Northern Lights is a fantastic slot and it does looks the part, too. If you’ve tried it before, you may already know you can enjoy playing it as a demo game rather than a real betting version. However, the real prizes are held within the paid version, and of course, you could win a lot if you are helped by that polar bear. Try and find those bears whenever you can!