Supermarket Mania Slots

When it comes to going grocery shopping, most of us would agree it is easier to enjoy the process when the shop isn’t too busy. The idea of some shopping mania doesn’t sound like a lot of fun! But when you’re sitting at your computer playing a slot game called Supermarket Mania, well… that is a different prospect. Wager Gaming is the creator of this game, and the screen is well designed and easy to watch as you play, too.

Reels and paylines

Wager Gaming has used a favorite format for this one – five reels are accompanied by 20 paylines.

Coin values to play with

A wide array of coins is given as options to choose from here. Go from one cent on each line to a maximum of ten dollars on each.

Special icons used in Supermarket Mania slots

There is a cash register used in this game, which appears as a wild. You can expect to see two other symbols too, and these are the ones the wild won’t replace (it does replace everything else). The scatter appears as a selection of shopping coupons, while the bonus icon is shown as a shopping cart.

Are there bonus features to be found?

Finding shopping coupons is always a good thing, and you will be rewarded if you find three or more of them here, too. Look out for 10 free spins coming your way if you do this. Everything won during those spins is given a x2 multiplier as well, so it could be a richly-rewarded game. Meanwhile, the bonus feature is revealed for finding three or more bonus carts. There are three aisles on offer when you reach this round. Choose one, and then choose three items of food from that aisle to reveal how much you have won. The good thing about this is you can take that prize, or head into another aisle to see if you can do better. But you must take the final prize if you end up searching all three. Oh, and four or five triggering shopping carts also add on a x2 or x4 multiplier when you win prizes in this round.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Supermarket Mania slot today

Enjoying the Supermarket Mania slot isn’t hard. We always like games that offer free spins as well as a bonus feature, and this one does just that.