American Icon Slots

American Icon Slots

If you are thinking along musical lines after reading that title, we should give you a prize for guessing the theme Wager Gaming has used in the American Icon online slot game. This entertaining game does indeed base itself on that famous competition… or at least, one with a very similar-sounding name! That means you can expect various musically-related symbols to appear, and you might just get a chance to secure some prizes with their help, too.

Reels and paylines

Everything starts in a familiar manner, as you will see five reels here and 20 lines to place your bets on.

Coin values to play with

American Icon comes from Wager Gaming, which means you can rely on their usual wide-ranging selection of coins. The smallest of these is a cent, but you can go for a much bigger $10 per coin each if you like.

Special icons used in American Icon slots

If you see a gold star on the reels, well done… you've found the wild. It is used in the normal way as a replacement for most other symbols in the game. It won't replace the recording contract though, which is a scatter. The other one the wild won't replace is the logo for the game, which is your bonus symbol. This is all beginning to sound very promising…

Are there bonus features to be found?

Three scattered recording contracts trigger 15 free spins to be played. Meanwhile, a retrigger in the free spins means you get more added to however many are left. Double-value prizes are also available to be won in this feature.

Next up, we have the bonus round. Three logos are enough to unlock access to this. If you get this far, choose one of 26 contestants to represent you. This is a long bonus that could potentially last up to 10 rounds. The idea is you will be offered a recording contract and you must decide whether to accept the contract or play on to go for something bigger and better. As such, you get some choice here in how to proceed.

Get ready to download and enjoy the American Icon slot today

American Icon is a delight to play, even though it is nearly 10 years old. The inclusion of a relevant and long bonus feature is the icing on the cake - and it's a game you won't want to miss.