Online Gaming

Bricks and mortar casinos have been around for decades. They predate the internet. They are many and varied and occupy a large section of real estate in Las Vegas alone. Venture out from that popular spot and you’ll find other bricks and mortar casinos spread over the country too.

There is no doubt these casinos have had to weather the arrival of the internet casinos. More of these have popped up in recent years as companies have realized the potential such sites have to welcome many thousands of players through their doors.

So, can we definitively say that one beats the other or not? We thought we’d look more closely at online gaming and the many advantages it offers. Would you prefer one over the other?

The advantages of playing online

How about choosing time and dress sense as two key factors? By time, we mean that these casinos are never closed. You’ll save time in not needing to travel to reach them too. Unless you live right next door to a casino, you’re going to find it a lot quicker to boot up your computer and go online on that instead. You can even grab your smartphone or tablet and use that to go to your favorite casino.

You also have the advantage of easily being able to visit more than one casino. You can look around the internet to compare as many casinos as you wish before deciding which ones to join. Could you do that if you were looking for bricks and mortar casinos to play in? Maybe so if you lived in Vegas, but we doubt it would be possible to compare many casinos anywhere else.

Online gaming also means you’ll never need to wait to get a seat playing a specific game. Maybe you’ve got eyes on a new slot game everyone wants to play. Maybe it has a huge progressive jackpot that hasn’t been triggered yet. Whatever the attraction might be, you can count on needing to wait to play that slot if you view it in a real casino.

That’s not the case with online casinos. In this instance, you would need to simply find the game and you’d be ready to play. Some casinos reveal how many players are enjoying each game at any time. You can see there could be several dozen people playing the same game – something that would never happen in a bricks and mortar alternative. A popular game might have more than one machine to play, but never several dozen identical machines.

How does online gaming differ from bricks and mortar casinos?

We’ve seen already some of the major differences between the two types of casinos you can play in today. You could say online gaming is far more casual than regular casinos. Some casinos may adopt a dress sense; you can never worry about that if you play online. Playing in whatever sort of clothing you want to – even playing while laying in bed at night, unable to sleep – is a possibility. The convenience of accessing an online casino has become even better since mobile casinos came onto the scene.

You can also take advantage of numerous promotions, deals, and tournaments when you participate in an online casino. Your loyalty may be rewarded at certain bricks and mortar casinos too, of course. But you must admit it is easier to enjoy loyalty points and rewards when you are part of an online casino. You’ll rack up loyalty points (sometimes known as comp points) automatically, with no need to remember to take a membership card with you. It is also much easier to review promotions and tournaments on the site – something you might miss if you are inside a real casino.

Of course, with an online casino you are only ever going to be sitting on your own playing games. It doesn’t matter which games you choose, you cannot replicate the complete experience of wandering around in a real casino trying to work out which game to play next. There are live casino sections at some internet casinos, but this is not guaranteed. Even then, it is not the same as sitting at a blackjack table or watching as the roulette wheel turns right in front of you. There are pros and cons to both ways of playing.

Is one better than the other?

There is no firm answer to this. You might say going to a proper casino is the better option. You certainly get the benefit of the atmosphere, as there is likely to be lots of people around you all getting excited playing the available games. If someone wins, you’re going to know all about it!

You could also say internet casinos take the prize as the best option. The accessibility, the variety, and the ease with which you can choose and play games are all notable points to consider. Though, while the casinos offer the same games (or at least very similar ones), they are worlds apart from each other. The immediacy of playing games surrounded by hundreds of other players cannot be beaten when playing at a real casino. Conversely, the convenience of playing at an online casino cannot be beaten by the alternative.

Some players like to scoop the best of both worlds. If they find themselves near a real casino, perhaps while on vacation, they may wish to spend a few hours in there to immerse themselves in the experience of playing there. When at home or online, their favorite online casino will suffice and provide an equally entertaining (if different) experience.

Which version would you prefer? Are you an online gamer or do you have a soft spot for the bricks and mortar casinos? Maybe you use both or you simply use whichever type of casino makes the most sense to you at that point in your life. However, in today’s society, we believe there is still ample room for both types of casinos to do exceedingly well.