Fly Away with the Birds of Paradise

It’s always refreshing to see a slot game that packs in a pleasant background to appreciate as you play. Sometimes, online slots can be a little too brash and bright for our liking, so it was refreshing to find Birds of Paradise. This sticks with calming colors and beautiful birds on the screen. But will it deliver the prizes you are looking for?

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

You will have 25 lines to consider betting on here, along with five reels you can spin.

What can you bet on this slot?

You can only play one coin on each line here, but you get a good array of coins to choose from. These range from one cent all the way along to five dollars if you want.

Does Birds of Paradise have more valuable symbols in play?

Different birds are worth different amounts, but the orange bird is best of all, as this is the substitute. It can also deliver the 10,000-coin top prize if five appear on an enabled payline.

The blue eggs nestling inside a bird’s nest indicates you have found a scatter symbol. Get three or more of those and you are richly rewarded with a free spin feature built into the game.

Can you play a bonus round?

The free spins are quite generous in this slot, because you get 20 of them. This can also be triggered to run again should you find another three nests during one of those spins. The extra ones will be added on to whatever amount you have left.

Furthermore, every prize you will get during a free spins round is doubled from its normal value. That means you could get five orange birds to get a 20,000-coin prize!

Download and play Birds of Paradise now!

There is nothing amazing about this game, save for the beautiful graphics that suit the theme very well indeed. However, if you want a nice calming experience with no great surprises, you could enjoy your time playing Birds of Paradise. It certainly does offer a pleasing screen, even though there are no progressive jackpots attached to it in any way.

Check it out today and find out why other players are choosing to give it a try. Whether you love birds or not, these are not your ordinary birds that you would see on a daily basis!