New Game

How do you feel when you spot a new slot game that has just been released? Do you have a quick look and then pass on it to go and play the games you already know you love? Do you take time to explore its features and to find out more about it, perhaps in the hope it could become a new favorite for you?

Chances are you fall into one of those two areas. Of course, you might also make a note of it and resolve to go back and play it later. We’ve put together a guide on how to approach any new game at a casino you are a member of. Hopefully, this will give you a method for looking at each new release that occurs from now on.

Who created the game?

There are countless game developers around today, all working hard to release new slots over virtually every month of the year. Some are far more famous than others. If you have a favorite developer or two – Barcrest, Betsoft, Microgaming, or NetEnt, for example – you are more likely to notice new releases from them and be willing to find out more.

However, we would never discount finding out more about a new slot game even if it came from a developer we had never heard of before. Even if a developer hasn’t created any of your favorite games as yet, you might still find a new success in their collection you would be glad you tried.

What is it about?

Very often, you can tell the theme of a slot by looking at the title image. This is usually a striking image designed to catch your eye. It will also likely have the title of the game involved. This could be in a typeface that reveals the theme, even if the image is vague. For example, we would all recognize the Wild West typeface if ever we saw it. You can also distinguish between futuristic lettering and that which is designed to look handwritten. Those might suggest the theme that has been chosen for that game.

Can you try a demo version?

Most games do offer a demo for you to try. This is exactly like the regular game except that it offers some demo credits to use. This means you do not need to place any proper bets on it – ideal when you simply want to look more closely at the game to find out if you’d like to play it for real.

You will occasionally find games that don’t offer a demo, but nowadays they tend to be quite rare. You might spot the ones that don’t have demos come from one or two isolated providers. However, there are occasions when most games from a provider will be available to try, yet a few isolated titles from them are not.

Review the information in the paytable

This should tell you how many paylines or ways there are to try and get some prizes. You will also discover whether the game is viewed as being of high or low volatility. You will also find out about special symbols, how they work, and what features the game will include. This gives you a chance to get a reasonable overview of the game, so you know what you should expect.

Of course, nothing is going to give you an accurate view of the game other than playing it. However, it is reasonable to review the paytable information to gain an idea of whether the game is going to be enjoyable. One tip is to look at how many pages the paytable has (unless it is of the scrolling kind). The more pages it has, the more likely it is to have countless features for you to enjoy.

Read some reviews from people who have already tried it

Whenever a game is released, you can count on lots of people trying it, reviewing it, and posting their opinions of it online. If you find a few trustworthy sites that provide these reviews, you can head to them to read more about the game you are thinking of trying. This is very important in cases of games that do not have demo versions available to play. In this case, you would be able to read other people’s experiences and to gain a better idea of how things might pan out for you.

As you can see, there is a lot you can learn about new games prior to playing them. Some games look so appealing from the start, you might be happy to give them a go. However, if you are at all uncertain, you can get plenty of information and answers simply by going through the points we have mentioned above.