Love Three-reel Slots? Here’s Why

How many three-reel slots have you played? With bigger and (arguably) better games out there to play, it might be a surprise to learn some players still prefer the three-reel variety.

If you are among them, you might understand why by reading through the following points.

They’re easy to understand

You don’t tend to get lots of complex rules and bonuses to contend with in three-reel slots. While those are all nice to see, it’s sometimes better to choose a three-reel game that doesn’t come with multiple pages in the paytable. Indeed, most often the paytable is included on the game screen to the side of the reels themselves.

You can play games that are close to the original one-armed bandits

There is a reason why these are called one-armed bandits. They are also known as fruit machines – largely because they have lots of fruits in use as the symbols. With lots of three-reel games working around these basics, it gives you a chance to play a traditional slot game like the ones seen in bars and casinos. It may not be quite the same, but the graphics usually provide you with a chance to enjoy everything down to the flashing lights seen on the original machines.

They often have a wild symbol involved

And possibly more than one, if you’re lucky. Even though three-reel slots are not usually associated with lots of special symbols, some do include a wild symbol. This might have a multiplier connected to it as well. The best you can hope for is one multiplier value whenever one wild appears in a win and a bigger multiplier if two appear. For example, you might get a 2x and a 4x multiplier in that example.

Better yet, there are times when those multipliers can work with each other to produce a bigger win. Watch out for those if you can – they are not as rare as you might think.

Lots of people still love three-reel games. Even though online games are arguably more likely to produce five reels than three, enough people enjoy the three-reel ones for us to look forward to new releases coming through each year. We doubt that will change in future, either. If you enjoy three-reel games, perhaps the points mentioned above are the reasons why. If not, what makes you play them whenever you’re in the mood?