Caribbean Gold Slots

Since its release, Caribbean Gold has grown to become a very popular online slot game among all manner of different players. It has a pirate theme – of course – and it also has lots of reasons you should give it a try.

With detailed symbols that relate to the overall theme, not to mention some exciting prize opportunities, it’s worth seeing if you could win some cash by playing it.

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

Five reels are arranged in the normal pattern, with 25 lines positioned in various ways across them.

What can you bet on this slot?

You have the option to begin on one cent for each payline you want to bet on. If you have a bigger budget it is possible to edge up as far as ten dollars per line.

Does Caribbean Gold have more valuable symbols in play?

The wild is represented by the compass – an essential item at sea. There is a scatter in play as well, which is indicated by the appearance of a treasure chest. Finding these is very good, because several of them can indicate a nice prize.

Can you play a bonus round?

Three treasure chests are required to help you win some free spins. The first stage of this extended free spins round is to locate two matching treasure chests from a selection of eight. The ones that match indicate a multiplier to apply to all prizes won in the free spins section. You automatically get 10 free games when you have the multiplier.

There is another feature in this game that is triggered completely at random as well. This is the Buried Treasure round. When you unlock this, you will get a series of islands shown to you. Pick one and see if it has a treasure chest. If it does, you carry on. If it reveals a shipwreck, you can continue… but only until you get three, which means the round is over.

Download and play Caribbean Gold now!

It is easy to see why Caribbean Gold has become so popular, especially in terms of the randomly-triggered bonus included in the game. You simply never know if that could come up after your very next spin. It’s just one reason why people love to keep playing it… and you never know whether you could be a big-prize player when you give it a shot.