Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Every day gives us the chance to dip into yet more new slot games. Today is no different, as we are about to review our experiences playing the new Fruit Loot Wild X slot. If you know your slots, you might guess what this one involves and who created it. All those answers are held within our review though, so get ready to discover the facts behind this new release.

It may be a fruity slot, for sure… but there are a few more surprises to discover about this one. Will it be your favorite one to play today? Let’s find out.

Who came up with the idea for Fruit Loot Wild X?

If you guess this correctly, you have probably already played several leading slots from a provider called WGS. Yes, otherwise known as Vegas Technology, WGS has developed a series of popular games based on wild icons. The Wild X part of the title has a multiplier of a treat to bring you! We will learn more about it as we progress through our review.

Demo play gets you a slice of the action for entertainment value only

And how else would you want to get things underway? The demo version works just as the normal one does. It comes preloaded with demo credits, so while you cannot secure any real prizes, you can play the game as if it were real.

Choose your method of play – download, instant play, or mobile play – and you can get started. Some casinos might require you to log in even to get to the demo version, but others happily allow you to check it out without logging in.

Does it promise a fruity theme?

It does, as you might already have guessed. Fruit Loot Wild X has some familiar fruity options cropping up as you play. There is the wild element too, of course, which we’ll come to shortly.

Game design features

If you like slots that give you the feel of sitting in a real casino, we think you will like this one. It brings you a chance to spot some real casino features in the background. The game itself looks like a slot machine, complete with the one-armed bandit appearance.

What kind of slot should you expect?

Let’s look at the basics for this machine, shall we? You may already have thought it should have three reels, given its classic appearance. That is indeed true, although you can see more than one icon on each of those reels. As a more basic slot, you won’t be surprised to hear it doesn’t come with a progressive prize. It is rare to see a bonus in games like this, and there isn’t one to be found here either.

How many paylines are present?

While many smaller games stick to just one line, the bigger reels in this one gives you the chance to cover five lines. Those are all fixed, so you must calculate a bet that will cover all of them.

Betting options

You might have played slots already that allow you to crank up the coins and place more than one on every line. That is the case here as well. With one, two, or three coins playable in each case, players have several betting options to think about. Each coin has a good range of values to choose from too. Start from just one cent or head north to max out your coin value at ten dollars a time.

The paytable shows up on the main game screen

This is great for convenience. You will spot a command you can click or tap on to reveal more pays though. Since there is no room for the entire paytable at once, you get the chance to move between the two pages provided.

There is a lot to learn from this simple paytable. We discover the familiar oval logo that denotes the wild. It says Fruit Loop around the edges and gives us a 3x value in the middle of the oval. This is the game’s wild, and it triggers prizes whenever one, two, or three appear. One or two wilds bring a 3x or 9x multiplier respectively to your triggering bet. Yes, that means the wilds multiply together to give you that larger prize.

The best outcome is to find three wilds on one line. This brings bigger multipliers of 100x your bet for one coin, 200x for two coins, and 300x as the jackpot for three coins.

No bonus round to search for

Few of these games have bonuses, so there isn’t much of a shock involved here.

What about free spins?

Lots of three-reel slots don’t have free games available. This one does. Did that surprise you? We hope so, especially as you will get 10 games to enjoy if you get that far. To find them, simply locate three identical symbols on the reels, each one bearing the message FREE SPINS.

The games can be triggered again an unlimited amount of time. Furthermore, the paytable tells us wild wins within the free games would result in all prizes being worth three times the usual amount.

Game RTP for Fruit Loot Wild X slots

We do not currently know the RTP for this game. We will provide further information when it becomes clear.

Do we rate this as a successful slot game?

We do. We love this series of slots anyway, and this one has a feisty presentation that is good to look at. We like being able to score some free spins too if things go our way, so we are giving this 8 out of 10 stars.

Are we likely to learn of any slot winners?

Probably not, since the game doesn’t delve into progressive territory. However, if you played the maximum three-coin bet and got the game jackpot, you would be richly rewarded. If this occurs, we are more likely to hear about it, wouldn’t you say?

How to play the practice version of the game

Just select the demo rather than the real version. This allows you to play just for the heck of it, enjoying the game’s many features and figuring out whether to advance to paid play.

Play for real if you wish

Any casino offering the full suite of WGS games should include this new entry in their collection. Sign up or play the demo without logging in; some casinos make this possible for non-members. Once you are ready to play with real cash, you can join or log in to play.

Mobile play for Android and iOS

Whatever platform you prefer, we guess you are going to have a great time with Fruit Loot Wild X slots. You can play with ease on your smartphone or tablet, just as you can via downloadable casinos and Flash casinos. Enjoy!