Games or Entertainment

Why do you play slot games? There must be a reason – maybe several reasons – why you choose these games over all others. Maybe you play other casino games occasionally… but most of the time you return to slots. Why is that?

For some, there is the idea they could try and get some prize money into their account. Of course, we all know the RTP (return to player) is always less than 100% over the lifetime of the game. That makes sense – if the game paid back equal to or more than the monies taken, no online casino would be in business. Yet we also know there are stories of people who have placed a few wagers and managed to scoop far more than the cost of those wagers. These are fortunate people who have managed to defy the odds.

How many coins might tumble from the game into your casino account?

This is one reason why we love playing online slots. They do give us the chance that we might manage to net a few nice prizes – maybe even one large one. You never know – the chance is always there whenever thousands of coins (or more) are on offer to be won. It may not happen often, but there is the chance. Some players love nothing better than playing a few spins on these games, always with the dream that something good might happen. Maybe you play for the same reason.

Do you play for entertainment?

Some people, even if they are members of an online casino, never make a deposit. They take the opportunity to play the games on offer for entertainment only. That makes sense – after all, there are some stunning slots out there that are great to play and very enjoyable too. Once you start looking at the themes, the bonuses, the special features, and more, you can see why playing just for this reason alone is worth thinking about. There is always the option to gravitate to real play whenever you wish, but for some, the idea of playing for entertainment is all they need.

Is it possible to combine both?

Absolutely, and many people do. Some will always approach a new game by playing the demo first. This means they get the full experience offered by that game before deciding whether they want to place any coins on the lines. It makes sense to do this as it gives them a chance to figure out how the game works and whether it will give them everything they are looking for.

Another possibility is that you should be able to move from paid play to demo play whenever you wish. You would need to be a casino member to do this, of course, since that is the only way to indulge in paid play. However, if you have a budget and you’ve run out of coins for the time being, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the games just as you normally would. The entertainment is always there to be appreciated, which is one of the reasons we all play online slots. After all, if you didn’t enjoy a game, you wouldn’t be prepared to bet on it, would you?