Try and Get a Slice of the Jester’s Jackpot!

For a five-reel game, this particular slot looks a whole lot different to other ones you might have seen. For starters, you will see a checkered pattern behind the reels and the design is maybe a little more basic than you might have expected.

However, it actually works pretty well with this one. All the symbols are shown as playing cards, so it looks as though you are looking at an entire deck. So with that in mind, let’s figure out what else to expect with this game.

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

There are five reels here, as we mentioned, but fewer paylines than you might think. There are only nine to bet on.

What can you bet on this slot?

Do you want to start betting with a nine-cent bet to cover everything? You can do just that, with a minimum cent coin on each line. Or you can choose to play with higher stakes, going up as far as $10 per line.

Does Jester’s Jackpot have more valuable symbols in play?

Well this game does have a Jester in the title, and it’s really the joker in the pack, because all the symbols are based on playing cards.

The jester is the biggest-value symbol and if you get five on a line you’ll be rewarded with 2,500 coins. There’s an ace, a king, a queen and a jack, of course, plus the jester’s hat and a casino-named symbol as well.

Can you play a bonus round?

No – there is nothing here by way of a bonus, not even a selection of free spins to check out. That’s a shame, and it does let down the game a bit.

Download and play Jester’s Jackpot now!

So the design is a little basic, but we still think it works for the game as a whole. However, that’s not enough when you don’t have any special features to shoot for. With no wild, no scatter and no chance of winning any free spins, you only have the basic game play to look forward to.

While it might be good for newbies to online slots, or for those who just want a different look to a basic slot, we don’t feel Jester’s Jackpot is going to deliver anything notable for more dedicated players. Never mind – it’s still worth a shot for a while.