Hot Roller Slots

Do you know what a hot roller is? No, it’s got nothing to do with food or with rollers you put in your hair. Instead, it refers to a dice player who has the tendency to roll some hot combinations with the dice. You hope it might refer to the symbols you get on the reels here, too, when you start playing the Hot Roller slot game. Let’s dive in to see what it’s all about.

How many reels and paylines are used in Hot Roller?

This slot is based in Vegas and it provides five reels over a vibrant skyline, along with 25 win lines.

What could you bet on this slot game?

You can spin from a quarter per go, since the smallest coin is a penny. You can also move up the coin values to reach a total bet of $125.

Does Hot Roller have any special symbols?

Yes, there is a lady who shows up with dice. Maybe she is the hot roller? Either way, she is definitely the wild. Any prizes with one or more wilds involved are doubled. You also have a scatter which features only the dice. These can win prizes for merely getting two of them.

Is there a bonus feature?

If you can locate three dice scatters on the reels in a spin, you will be presented with three dice. You need to roll all three to determine what you get in the bonus feature. The two red dice will be multiplied with each other to award that number of free games. So, since the highest number on each is a six, you could get up to 36 free spins here. The white die will award a value that is your multiplier for all those games. Anything won in the free games has that multiplier applied before the prize is paid.

Download and play Hot Roller slots now!

Hot Roller is all about dice rolling and casinos in Las Vegas, or somewhere equally exciting, at least! Whether you love dice games or not, we think this slot has a lovely theme and is a cool game to try your luck with. There could be a generous number of free spins coming your way, and since you can retrigger them, you could spin even more freebies in your direction if you are lucky.