Liberty 7's Slots

Liberty 7s is a self-explanatory title – at least, it is when you get a look at the game screen. You’ll see there is a stars-and-stripes design in play here, and red, white and blue colors appear on the screen, too. So, would it be a big shock to see sevens in those colors appearing on the reels? No, we thought not! Check out this slot from WGS Technology now to see if it delivers everything you could ever want from a slot game.

How many reels and paylines are used in Liberty 7s?

If we said this was a classic, what would you expect? Would you think of a three-reel game offering just one payline? If you are thinking of that, you won’t be disappointed.

What could you bet on this slot game?

The one-armed bandit design goes through to the buttons in play, too. The default amount shown is one cent, but the plus button can be used to head all the way up to $10 if you like. The button that says ‘bet one’ allows you to do just that, and it also lets you press it once or twice more to reach two or three coins for that line.

Does Liberty 7s have any special symbols?

The paytable reveals the answer is no. The game has red, white and blue sevens, as well as the option to put together any three sevens on the line. You can win the best prize for getting three sevens in red, white and blue colors, in that order. The prizes change according to whether you’ve wagered one, two or three coins, with the best prizes reserved for those betting with three coins. For example, the jackpot, triggered by getting the combo mentioned above, is either 2,400 coins, 4,800 coins or a huge 10,000 coins for one, two or three coins played. How many will you play with here?

Is there a bonus feature?

In short, no. You won’t find anything here to add to what we’ve already described.

Download and play the Liberty 7s slot now!

Liberty 7s is a classic slot in lots of ways. It has a classic design, classic icons and classic prizes given for the number of coins you play. So, will it reveal a classic prize for you to celebrate winning, or will you simply leave it behind to play something else instead?