Winning Waves Slots

Winning Waves would suggest we have yet another example of a watery theme her. But that theme can go in many different directions, as you may already know. WGS has gone somewhere different with this game though, giving us a surfing theme that isn’t too common. Will you ride on a wave of success by winning some prizes in this game? Let’s find out what’s in store.

Reels and lines in play

This is far from being a huge game. Very much the opposite in fact, with three reels and one line in action.

Coin selections

Play Winning Waves with just a cent on the line per spin if you like. Conversely, head through the other coin values to reach the ten-dollar maximum.

Winning Waves icons to watch for

While the game does include standard symbols, they’ve been given a suitable makeover. The bar icons appear as surfboards, for example.

Unusually, the game shows five lines on the screen, but you only ever need to bet on one of them. So, why show five lines, you might ask? The answer lies in the jackpot that can drop while you play the game. The sun is the jackpot symbol and it must appear in every position on the same line to trigger that prize. The amount will vary depending on which of the five lines the suns appear on. The payline pays out the least, with just 600 coins on offer there. However, those coins increase for other lines, maxing out at an impressive 3,500 coins.

Bonus elements

The jackpot is the real bonus here, as there are no other bonus features included.

Download Winning Waves and enjoy playing this slot now

We love the theme used here. It’s just the thing when the nights are dark and cold, and you are longing for some sunshine. Even if it is nice out, you can get into the surfing theme with ease thanks to the appeal of the Winning Waves slot game.

The main attraction is the presence of five paylines while needing to bet on just one. That is the ideal way to play a slot, in our opinion! We’d love to see more games like this one, but for now we are happy to get into the surfing mood in Winning Waves. Will you be a winner if you give it a try?