Bluebeard's Bounty Slots

Some titles are a real giveaway when it comes to guessing the theme. With a title like Bluebeard’s Bounty, we must surely be looking at a pirating slot here? We are indeed, and it turns out to be a good one.

Playing for slot prizes is always fun, so let us explore what awaits us when we try to secure Bluebeard’s Bounty for ourselves…

Reels and paylines

You can only bet on one payline in this slot, which means there are just three reels in play.

Coin values to play with

In common with other three-reel slots, there is a chance to wager one, two, or three coins on the line here. You must bet at least $2 per coin though, and that is way higher than you can usually bet. If you are prepared to go higher, the biggest coin is worth $25.

Special icons used in Bluebeard’s Bounty slots

The logo for this game is useful, because just one is required to trigger a prize. Throughout the game, prize amounts are determined according to the number of coins wagered when the prize was won.

You get a mix of traditional symbols (think bar symbols and cherries) and pirate-related symbols here (think parrots and a skull and crossbones). While the logo can win a prize for just one appearing, the biggest award is granted whenever you get three on the line. If you played with three coins and got three logos, you would win 1,500 coins. This is a lot lower than the prize in other slots, but then the $2 coin bet makes it a big prize.

Are there bonus features to be found?

Aha, me hearties, you’re looking for a bonus… but there is none to be found here.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Bluebeard’s Bounty slot today

Bluebeard’s Bounty won’t appeal to penny slot players as two dollars must be wagered on every spin of this game. That is quite high for a minimum, and so only those with big budgets will want to check it out. However, the prizes are going to be worth more because your minimum bet is a lot bigger. It just depends how many spins you play before the game pays out.

If you like betting more on win lines, this game would be worth a try. But remember, there are no bonuses to perk things up.