Dive Down to 20,000 Leagues with this Wager Gaming Slot

Have you heard of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? This is a famous book by Jules Verne, but whether you are familiar with the story or not, it is clearly the inspiration for this sea-based themed slot.

Once under the waves, you will see a number of beautiful sights, and you might just catch sight of some worthwhile prizes too. Why not read our review to see what could be in store for you?

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What’s the story with reels and paylines?

This is a 25-line slot, and you will be more than familiar with the sight of five reels ready to spin.

What can you bet on this slot?

This has one of the largest arrays of coin values that we have seen on a game. As with other Wager Gaming options, you can move between a cent and ten dollars depending on where your budget lets you be.

Does 20,000 Leagues have more valuable symbols in play?

The yellow submarine is easy enough to spot and you will want to look for it too, since this is the wild. It will appear on every reel apart from the middle one. As you might guess, it substitutes for everything in the game with one notable exception – the logo symbol.

The 20,000 Leagues logo and it will appear on the one reel the wild symbol does not – the middle reel. However, if you’re thinking it is the scatter, think again – it is actually another wild.

Can you play a bonus round?

As you may guess, you can get some free spins here, and that is the extent of the bonus features. Clearly, you won’t be able to get the normal trigger of three scatters, since there are none in the game.

Instead, you need one or more submarines on one of the relevant reels, with a logo appearing on the center reel at the same time. You are guaranteed 10 free spins for the first submarine, but each additional one you get rewards you with another 10 free spins. This means you could get plenty!

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This game is a little more detailed than you may at first think. Suffice to say it is definitely worth a go, particularly if you like sea-themed slots. We think this has enough to keep many players interested, even for the short term.

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