Turkey Shoot Slots

Turkey Shoot is a 3-reel, one-line slot from WGS. This game has the feel of a classic slot machine. But it also has some unique characteristics, including its graphics, bonus round, and five different multipliers. Let's discuss all of these aspects and offer a final verdict on if you should play this game.

Graphics & Symbols

Turkey Shoot does a good job of creating a fall-like atmosphere. You'll see changing leaves, pumpkins, a cornucopia, and the turkey above the reels. The changing leaves are especially prominent because they line the top of the game screen and paytable.

Symbols include the Turkey Shoot game icon, bonus icon, 2x multiplier, 7, bell, dollar sign, BAR, and cherry. Both the Turkey Shoot icon and 2x multiplier symbols can lead to enhanced prizes (discussed later). You receive the top payout of 15,000 coins if you line up three game icons in the payline on a three-coin bet.

Overall, Turkey Shoot's symbols and background graphics create a nice fall feeling. And fans of classic slots will appreciate the simplicity of the paytable and graphics.

Turkey Shoot Features & Bonuses - Multipliers and Bonus Round

The biggest feature in this game is that you can get up to five different multipliers. The size of your multiplier depends upon what symbol combination you form.

Two Turkey Shoot icons offer a 25x multiplier; one Turkey Shoot icon and one 2x icon offer a 10x multiplier; one Turkey Shoot icon offers a 5x multiplier; two 2x icons offer a 4x multiplier; and one 2x icon delivers a 2x multiplier.

This wide range of multipliers means that you'll be earning quite a few large payouts in this game. You can especially win a fortune on any payout when you get two game icons and a 25x multiplier.

One more feature is a bonus round that you trigger by getting the bonus icon in the third reel. The bonus gives you the chance to win up to 500 coins in a Wild Turkey Shoot round.

Betting Options

This game allows you to adjust your coin size from $0.01 to $10.00, and coins per line from 1-3. This makes for a minimum bet of one cent per spin, and a maximum of $30.

Other options include Max Bet and Autoplay. Max bet automatically turns your coin size and coins per line up to the highest amounts, while Autoplay keeps the reels spinning with your selected betting options.

Final Verdict on Turkey Shoot Slots

Turkey Shoot is a fine classic slot that offers good side features, including five different multipliers and a bonus round. The background also looks nice thanks to the different-colored leaves and several fall decorations. In summary, I certainly recommend that you give Turkey Shoot slots a try, especially if you're looking for a game that offers a late-fall feel.