Butterflies Slots

Wager Gaming has a knack of delivering engaging slots that have familiar controls and beautiful features. You could say all that about the Butterflies slot – a game that brings a magical touch to a land filled with butterflies.

Will you get the benefit of some of the features included here, as you give this slot a try for the first time?

How many reels and paylines are used in Butterflies?

The game delivers 20 win lines across five reels, so this at least is familiar to you.

What could you bet on this slot game?

One cent is as low as you can go with line bets. The default appears as three cents when you first load the game. The top line bet is ten dollars, with other options in-between as well.

Does Butterflies have any special symbols?

Did you know a butterfly grows inside a chrysalis until it is ready to be free? In this game, the beautiful green chrysalis is referred to as a house, and it will appear only on the first reel. Most symbols can be replaced by the house, but not the flower. This is yet another example of the beautifully-detailed symbols in the game, and how appealing they are. It is presented in a series of pink shades, so it is hard to miss.

Is there a bonus feature?

Did you think the wild only appearing on one reel was a disappointment? Not so. When it does, a butterfly will hatch from its chrysalis and fly to other symbols shown on the reels. One or more may then transform into other wilds, which means there is an increased chance of winning some more prizes.

There is no other bonus feature in the game, so there is no possibility to win any free spins or bonus elements here. However, since you could get the wild house on the first reel with any spin, this bonus element could turn up at any time, and even on subsequent bets if you are lucky.

Download and play the Butterflies slot now!

Butterflies is a lovely slot and has some nice characters in it. The usual 10, 9 and A-style icons are a letdown, but the rest of the game is so appealing, we can forgive them the addition of these. Will you give this slot a try to see whether the wild pays out for you?