Enjoy Some Movie Magic from Tinseltown

They call Hollywood Tinseltown, and you might get a feel for that here as you play this game from Wager Gaming. It has the same look that many of their other slots have in that it includes K, Q and K symbols of similar colors. However, there are some other features involved too, so let’s see how the game pans out.

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

You can wager on up to 25 lines, and you will have five reels spinning with every spin you make.

What can you bet on this slot?

You’ve got a nice minimum bet here, with 25 cents to wager at the least for covering every single line. On the other hand, it is easy enough to increase that up to $10 per line.

Does Movie Magic have more valuable symbols in play?

We all love popcorn at the theater when we’re seeing movies, and here you can watch out for it popping up as the substitute symbol. However, it only ever appears on the second and fourth reels. You will also see a movie reel appearing, and this is the scatter.

Can you play a bonus round?

That movie reel has the potential to open up a number of free spins for you. The number you get is determined by how many spins are revealed by each carton of popcorn. You need at least one carton on the second reel and at least one on the fourth as well. The values that can appear are two, three, five, 10, 15, 20 or 25 for each popcorn carton.

Two other good things about this round are tripled prizes and the fact you can trigger it to happen again. Needless to say, the potential to win a lot of free spins is there for the taking if you’re lucky.

Download and play Movie Magic now!

Movie Magic is something we all love to see on the big screen. But this game is on the small screen for you, and it is really good to see. It’s not the most innovative game we have seen, but we do have the chance to enjoy what it has to offer.

It’s one of those games that is ideal to play when you know pretty much what to expect, and you’re not too worried about finding any complex rules or regulations in play. It’s a good one to have, and something to enjoy.