Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Can you ever trust a goblin? You may well have seen them in other slot games already, but there is one to be found in Goblin's Gold Wild X slot game from WGS too. Since the title mentions a wild, you would expect to see one here. But is that correct, and if so, are there any other treats in store for you?

Reels and lines in play

Plenty of the best WGS slots only have three reels. This is another one of them. You can also count on finding just one line to bet on.

Coin selections

Players can choose to approach this as a penny slot. It's also possible to choose from other amounts up to $5 a time. The game also allows a maximum of three coins to bet per spin.

Goblin's Gold Wild X icons to watch for

There is a Triple X Wild to find in this game. It acts as a substitute, as you might suppose, and if you manage to win something with a wild in play, you get a 3x multiplier to enhance your prize.

A better scenario is to scoop a prize with the aid of two of those wilds. If this should occur, you can enjoy a 9x multiplier on the amount won, as the two wilds multiply together to become more powerful.

Would you guess the wild is also the jackpot symbol? If three occupy the payline, 2,500 coins will drop into your lap. Well, into your account, anyway!

Bonus elements

Many three-reel games don't worry about bonuses, but this one bucks that trend. You must wager three coins to stand a chance of unlocking it though. That said, each coin could be just one cent in value. The bonus is called the Treasure Quest. What might you find at the end of it?

Download Goblin's Gold Wild X and enjoy playing this slot now

A multiplier wild that gets bigger when two are involved, a bonus feature, a goblin, and some real gameplay that is always enjoyable to sample. Goblin's Gold Wild X is a great game to try out. Indeed, if you think all three-reel slots are full of fruit and rather dull, this game is set to put you right. Try it today and you will soon see if this is the best three-reel game you have ever played.