Gold Rush Slots

And if so, will it send a tidal wave of cash or gold your way? Most Americans are familiar with the history surrounding the Gold Rush, which ended in the mid-1850s. However, there is no need to have any knowledge of what it entailed to play this game. WGS has given us the perfect reason to enjoy our own gold rush, right here on the reels of Gold Rush slot game. Better still, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home, thanks to the superb software that powers the game.

Reels and lines in play

Three reels are provided for you to spin in this game, making it one of WGS’s smaller offerings. It also keeps things simple with one line in action.

Coin selections

While lots of WGS slots use the same range of coins, this one does things differently. They go from a minimum of 10 cents to a maximum of $25. You also have a chance to wager up to three of your selected coins on the game per spin.

Gold Rush icons to watch for

Gold nuggets were the items everyone was searching for in the real gold rush. You will find yourself searching for them here, too. Just one appearing on the payline will trigger a small reward for you.

That gold nugget could also bring you the jackpot in this game. If you manage to achieve three nuggets on the payline, the jackpot is triggered as per the number of coins you bet on the line. The largest amount on offer is 1,600 coins, achieved by wagering three coins on that lucky spin.

Bonus elements

You may have noticed we didn’t mention a wild in this game. Without a wild in action, and no other special icons either, there is no chance of triggering any bonuses in Gold Rush slots.

Download Gold Rush and enjoy playing this slot now

This is not the only game focusing on the search for gold. However, it is one of the nicer three-reel forays into this topic. With plenty of gold nuggets to watch out for, you will find they hold more importance than anything else. Don’t forget though – they count for nothing if they fall just above or below that payline. The only thing that matters is what appears on it. We hope you get lucky in that respect when you play.