Klondike Fever Slots

What comes to your mind if you think about the term Klondike Fever? There are plenty of locations in the US alone called Klondike, and you may well be thinking of one of those. It is also a location in the Yukon that led to the famous Klondike Gold Rush from the late 1800s.

Here, it refers to a slot game created by Wager Gaming, and it is one of their earlier titles. This becomes apparent when you load the game to give it a try. It is far from their finest moment, but could it still present you with enough appeal to play a spin or two?

Reels and paylines

This is a five ‘n’ five game, if you will – five reels and yet only five paylines.

Coin values to play with

Since this is a Wager Gaming title, you get the usual array of values when it comes to coins. You could get a cent on each line to stick with a five-cent bet on them all, or go as high as $10 on each line.

Special icons used in Klondike Fever slots

You will soon realize this game is a classic in that it does not offer you the chance to secure a prize with the help of a wild icon. There are no scatter icons here either, so you must be content with seven main symbols that must appear three or more times on a payline to trigger a win.

The lowest-paying one is the horseshoe. At the other end of the scale, a 10,000 win could be yours… but only if you find five Klondike Fever logos on a paid payline. This logo also features a small cash bag, which recalls the Gold Fever that was in full swing back then.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No – this game is based around those seven symbols and doesn’t include anything else to excite or appeal to people who like additional features in their slot games.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Klondike Fever slot today

So… does Klondike Fever appeal to you? Maybe, maybe not – only you can work out the answer to that one. We think it will be good for anyone trying a five-reel game for the first time, and anyone who likes to keep things as simple as possible. Would that include you?