Get Digging for Some Island Gold

Seeing the name Wager Gaming attached to an online slot is usually a good indicator that the game you're about to try is going to be quite good. Some of their best games are really stunning and great fun to play as well.

However, we feel Island Gold is lacking a little in the normal features you can expect from their slots. If you like them basic, this could be the one for you. However, we can't help but feel there could have been so much more to this one.

What's the story with reels and paylines?

The game itself has five reels, so it's all good so far. But it falls down on paylines, where it only has five on offer.

What can you bet on this slot?

Penny slot players will want to give this a try as this is the smallest value in the game. You do also have the opportunity to choose a bigger bet of $10, not to mention other values in-between as well.

Does Island Gold have more valuable symbols in play?

Nope! There's no wild, and you won't find any sort of scatter in action either. This is a real disappointment, especially as the design is basic enough. The Island Gold symbol can deliver a 10,000 top prize in coins if you get five on an activated payline, but in all honesty there are no other real surprises here.

Can you play a bonus round?

Island Gold doesn't offer any kind of bonus, whether it's free spins or anything else.

Download and play Island Gold now!

Well it's always worth giving a game a shot, even when we don't have a lot of positive things to say about it. It's solid enough and it works well, but there just isn't anything particularly noteworthy about it… other than the fact it's not noteworthy!

The design is very basic, with a moon, some palm trees and the logo mentioned above in among the symbols. About the only positive thing we could say would be that none of the symbols resort to the K, Q and A ones you sometimes see elsewhere.

It's a shame that Wager Gaming couldn't do more with this title. An island, with the chance of finding gold… that could have delivered a really great game. Never mind - try it for size and see if it fits for you.