Play a Different Version of Mah Jong Madness

Are you familiar with Mah Jong? It’s a great game, very addictive, and it features lots of tiles with different designs on them. Once you get the hang of the rules, you can easily find yourself playing it for days on end!

But here we have ‘Mah Jong meets slots’, and it has occurred by way of Wager Gaming Technology. If you love Mah Jong, you might love this, too. The nature of the design means it does look very stylish and very different from your average slot, but will that be enough to thrill most players?

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

There are five reels filled with Mah Jong-style tiles, and a rather unusual number of paylines – 21 of them.

What can you bet on this slot?

You’ve got a nice number of coin values to choose from. These range from a cent apiece to $10 apiece. You can adjust your coin values at the bottom of the screen, towards the left, and you also have bet one and bet max buttons if you choose to use them.

Does Mah Jong Madness have more valuable symbols in play?

The symbols are all based on Mah Jong tiles, and some are indeed more valuable than others. A symbol that is completely green turns out to be the top-valued one, coming in with a prize of 2,500 coins for five on a line. With a $10 maximum line bet, that means the top whack prize would be $25,000.

Can you play a bonus round?

No, just as there’s no scatter or wild here, there’s no bonus round either. You can’t even try for some free spins.

Download and play Mah Jong Madness now!

Fans of Mah Jong might like this game purely because it takes this as its theme. However, the game itself is just about as basic as a slot would ever get. It is always a bit disappointing when you find a five-reel, multi-line game with no special features. Even many modern three-reel, single-payline games manage to fit in some special features of some sort, even when they’re restricted to a wild appearing. So for this one not to take advantage of more reels and lines is something of a shame.

Still, there could be enough Mah Jong fans out there for this game to get a good spin from some of them.