Low Stakes or High Stakes

Some players have the finances to allow them to sit down and bet several dollars per line on a casino game. Others will only ever wager pennies on the same games. The good news is there are games out there to suit all budgets. Some are penny slots, while at the opposite end of the scale you’ve got games that require a dollar or more on each line.

Where do you fit into things? Are you a lover of low stakes or are you happy to wager more on the games if your budget can stand it?

How important is it to budget for your play?

It’s easy to focus on the themes, prizes, and other features in a slot game or other casino game. Yet the most important thing of all is to review your budget before you decide to play anything at all.

This might mean reviewing how much you can afford to play in one session. By depositing that amount and no more, you won’t risk depositing – or playing – more than you can afford. If a larger deposit is required, consider how you might divide that over one or more weeks of play.

How long will your budget let you play for?

This is very important, and it applies to all players. The bigger the line bet must be, the more you are going to wager on each spin. That means any budget you have is going to run out far sooner.

If you have five dollars to play with and your chosen game requires you to bet 20 cents on each of five lines to get started, you are only going to get five spins out of it before your budget is all gone. The smaller the budget, the more important it becomes to ensure you can get the most out of it by choosing an appropriate game to play. Our advice? Check the betting parameters of a game (slot game or otherwise) before betting a single cent on it.

Do you get the same thrill from smaller bets as you do from larger ones?

For many people, the excitement comes from placing a bet, no matter how small it might be. You could place just one cent on one payline of a game and still feel a rush of excitement when you do it. Playing with low stakes still brings you the potential to score some prizes, but it also allows you to play for far longer than you would otherwise be able to do.

Understanding your own makeup and how you like to play makes it easier for you to work out what to expect when you decide to choose a slot game or casino game to play. Whether you use low stakes or high, understanding the above elements and acknowledging them does make life easier.