Lucky Lagoon Slots

The title seems promising, and it sounds like a place you would love to be, doesn’t it? Of course, a slot game is a very different prospect, so is this a lagoon that could prove lucky for you, or is there more at stake here?

We feel it is only right to point out at the start that Lucky Lagoon is one of the simplest games in the Wager Gaming collection. That isn’t to say it is not worth playing; it merely depends on what you like to see in your slot games. So, let’s dive into the lagoon to see what awaits us here.

Reels and paylines

The game provides five reels for each spin, and you will soon realize it has the same number of paylines as well. That is a surprisingly small number for a five-reel game.

Coin values to play with

You can only wager a single coin on each line, and there are several options to choose from when it comes to value. You can choose a cent per line if you like, which means a five-cent bet overall. The biggest bet is ten dollars on each line, making the maximum total bet $50.

Special icons used in Lucky Lagoon slots

Well, here is the big surprise, in that the game does not use a wild symbol. You won’t find a scatter here either, which is a big shame. The symbols are very basic and feature an Island Gold logo which could deliver a prize of up to 10,000 coins if you can locate five on a paid line. You also get a dolphin, an image of what looks to be a man surfing, and a palm tree, among other things.

Add in an anchor, a whale, and a butterfly, and you get the total number of icons used in Lucky Lagoon.

Are there bonus features to be found?

No, there is nothing here to look for other than regular line prizes.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Lucky Lagoon slot today

Well then, this slot is really an expanded version of a basic three-reel slot. If you look at it like that, you will see it does offer some appeal. But if you want something with more features, Lucky Lagoon is not the game to offer them. Only you can work out whether this is the game for you.