Sumo Slots

Sumo is an interesting game in that it is as attractive to total newbies as it is too hardened slot pros. This exciting slot can be paid for as little as a penny a spin, which makes it perfect for the first time gamer. However, players to take the gambling more seriously will be able to wager up to $125 a spin. The theme of the game is the ancient Japanese art of sumo wrestling, and the visual style of the game is at the same time amusing and yet classically beautiful. It's minimalist exterior hides Wild symbols, Scatters and a lucrative bonus round, plus the top jackpot prize of $25,000. Get into the ring with Sumo at Lincoln Casino. You can play this heavyweight game, and many others like it, by downloading their free casino software today.

How to Wrestle A Man Four Times Your Size

Playing a few rounds of Sumo is far less intimidating than actually stepping into a real sumo ring would be. It's also a lot easier. In the centre of the display are five reels of symbols. The aim of the game is to try and get the symbols to line up with each other by spinning them. Every time you spin, you place a wager on the outcome, and if you're right, you win cash. To make things a bit easier, the game features multiple pay lines. Unlike old one armed bandits where you could only play the centre line, Sumo allows you to play up to 25 different pay lines to make catching winning combinations more likely.

Recognise Your Opponent

The pay table begins with a traditional set of high playing cards valued nine through ace. These are on the lower end, but pay out up to 200 coins. Next up expect to see some Japanese wrestling paraphernalia worth 250 coins a hit, the game's Referee at 300 coins, and a Geisha at 1000 coins. The top rise in the game is the Sumo wrestler himself, worth 5,000 coins (at maximum bet, this pays out $25,000).

Obese Bonuses

The game features a Scatter symbol in the form of a trophy which triggers a win whenever at least 2 of them appear. If three or more appear, this launches the game's bonus round. In it, you are presented with nine trophies, each hiding a random amount of cash. Click them all to reveal your winnings - they will be totalled up and added to your bankroll.