Bingo Bucks

Lincoln Casino

We know, it’s a bit confusing. But Bingo Bucks is indeed a slot game – it’s just a bit different from slots you might have seen before. The game is presented on what looks like a casino table, with the familiar green surface and lines of chips laying around on the top left.

The bingo balls are front and center on the screen, so let’s see what they might lead you to win.

Reels and lines combination in play

The game has five reels, but you’ll soon notice each one has five positions, forming a 5 x 5 grid that looks very different from the usual slot games you’d play. It also has 12 paylines.

Possible bets you can place

You’ve got a few coins to choose from in Bingo Bucks, but the most important thing to note is how many you can play.

You can play just one coin on a spin, but this only enables one payline. So, as you might now guess, you must play 12 coins for each spin to give you a chance of winning on all the lines.

Special symbols used in Bingo Bucks slots

You’ll see the game has bingo balls featuring different letters on them. There are balls with the letters B, I, N, G and O on them to find. You also get lucky 7 appearing on a ball.

There are other balls here too, and these have things like pigs, Cupid, a clown and even a palm tree on them. Yep, you get quite a mix! The idea is that a winning combination must land on a line you bet on to trigger a prize for you. The prize will be the number of coins you played multiplied by the coin value you chose.

Is there a bonus feature or two in the game?

There doesn’t seem to be any bonus feature here, but you may find the game is sufficiently different for this not to matter.

Download and play Bingo Bucks today!

Bingo Bucks won’t be the game to appeal to everyone. To be honest, we think slots players are likely to prefer proper slots, while this game will probably be best played by bingo lovers. We’d suggest you take the game for a practice spin prior to playing for real.

So, which category do you fall into, and do you agree with our thoughts?