Check out Monte Magic slots

You’ll think you are sitting in front of a real slot machine when you sit down to play Monte Magic. You can even see the edges of a couple of machines next to the one you are going to play! But is Monte Magic going to deliver a magic experience? Let’s find out whether this game from WGS Technology is worth playing for real.

How many paylines and reels are present in Monte Magic?

This online slot takes the form of a classic slot machine – the kind you’d normally see in a casino. So you can expect three reels here and just one payline.

What can you wager on this online slot game?

The smallest size coin you can use is worth ten cents. However, there are several other coin sizes that go all the way up to $10. You also have the option to choose either a single coin on the payline, or to up it to two or three.

Does Monte Magic have some special symbols to watch out for?

There isn’t a scatter symbol with this game, but that is to be expected since it has only a single payline. However, there is a wild, and this is the top hat symbol. This is well worth looking for, because it can double a payout if it forms part of a winning combination.

Furthermore, if you get two top hats and another symbol, you get four times the winning amount you’d get for three of those symbols.

Can you look forward to unlocking a bonus round?

You can if you wager the maximum three coins on the payline. Watch out for the rabbit in the hat. If you get three across the payline you’ll unlock the bonus level.

You’ll be prompted to choose three out of 12 playing cards. Each one has a prize value. Keep an eye on the card with the biggest value, as the cards are turned over and moved around. Pick the card you think is the highest-valued one. Whichever one you pick you will win that prize for your bonus round.

Download and play Monte Magic online now!

Considering this game only has a single payline, there is plenty to keep you amused. You’ll get bigger prizes if you wager more than one coin on the payline, so keep that in mind. Check out Monte Magic today to see if you can win!