What's Your Sign Slots

The mention of signs isn’t too hard to work out here, is it? We are taken into the realm of star signs and the zodiac here, so you will spot your own star sign in the mix. This Wager Gaming entry features a basic background offering a starlit sky, which means all the focus zeroes in on the reels themselves. That’s as it should be, but will those reels offer you a chance to win some prizes?

Reels and paylines

Five reels are shown as soon as the game loads. You get fewer lines than you might expect, but the number chosen makes perfect sense, as you will see 12 of them in play.

Coin values to play with

You get the usual array of coins you’d normally see with Wager Gaming titles. These go from a cent per line to $10 at most.

Special icons used in What’s Your Sign slots

There is a great wild icon which appears as a sun and moon forged together, almost like a different yin-yang symbol. This replaces everything except for one icon, which is the bonus icon featuring all the signs of the zodiac. Meanwhile, get five wild suns and moons on a payline you bet something on and you will receive 10,000 coins in return – the jackpot for the game.

Are there bonus features to be found?

So… about that bonus icon. This must appear three times on a selected payline to unlock entry into the bonus round. This reveals a spinning bonus wheel, and you get to stop it whenever you feel lucky. When the wheel stops, your prize is revealed. The trick here is that you get two more chances to spin if you want to try and get a bigger prize. Of course, if you forego a prize and decide to try for a bigger one and get something smaller, you must accept the final choice on the final spin… if you choose to go that far.

Get ready to download and enjoy the What’s Your Sign slot today

What’s Your Sign is a good attempt to display a slot game based around the signs of the zodiac. The design is very good, although more basic when compared to the latest and best slot games to be released online.

But if you like the theme and you want to try and spin that wheel, we think there is ample chance to do so here.