Coconut Grove Slots

We cannot say we have visited that many coconut groves in our lives. However, we get the chance to see one here, thanks to the Coconut Grove slot game that comes to us from WGS.

You would expect to find some coconuts in evidence in this game, but we wonder what else we might find here. If the coconut is the consolation prize, what else might be available that could be worth more?

Reels and lines in play

You can view just one line on the three reels available in this game. You will notice you can also see other icons appearing just above or underneath the line you play on.

Coin selections

You can wager as little as 10 cents on each spin of the reels here. That is the smallest available coin, with a $10 coin the largest. You can also increase the coins played to five at most.

Coconut Grove icons to watch for

You can expect to see coconuts appearing as you spin the reels of this game. Palm trees might also appear there. However, you shouldn’t expect to win anything from those – not even if three identical ones fill the payline.

The one icon to look for is the half coconut, complete with floral decoration. Now, this is where the game gets interesting. Even though there is only one line in the game, the half coconut can show up anywhere in view and win you a prize. Yes, even if it falls into view above or below the payline.

However, you should hope that three half coconuts will line up on the payline itself. If that happens, the jackpot amount is triggered. If you played a single coin, 500 coins will be your reward here. For each coin played, a 500-coin prize is granted. That means wagering five coins and getting lucky with that winning combination would produce a prize worth 2,500 coins.

Bonus elements

This game doesn’t feature any bonus elements at all.

Download Coconut Grove and enjoy playing this slot now

This game has an exotic look about it and it is rather unusual too, given the powers attributed to that half coconut. For a straightforward game, Coconut Grove is fun to play and certainly passes the time. While it doesn’t qualify as a penny slot, we think it offers enough to make it an affordable option for many players.