Go Old School With Double Gold Slots

Playing all the new video slots that are highly interactive and have multiple screens, bonuses, animation and soundtracks is a lot of fun, but sometimes you want that old school, real-world casino experience. If you are craving this, then Double Gold Slots should be your first choice in slot machine play. You will actually feel like you are sitting at a slot, and you will see the two neighboring machines, and even get glimpses between of the casino floor. The paytable is on the top of the machine, and the reels and controls are just like sitting on your stool at your favorite casino.

Simple Play Rules

This is a three reel, one payline slot that does not have a progressive. However, it does have a 2500 jackpot, which translates into $25,000 if you are wagering maximum bet.

To wager, simply choose the denomination of your coins from a penny to ten dollars. You can then wager up to three coins on the line, for a low bet of just a penny or a high bet of thirty dollars.

Wagers can be changed at any time when the reels are not spinning. This makes a nice option for stretching your bankroll since there is such as big wagering range on the game.

Old School Symbols

The symbols you will see on the reels of Double Gold Slots are the icon slot images. There are the standard bar, double bar, and triple bar as well as cherries and sevens. Cherries pay with one or two on the payline, will all other symbols require three.

Bars, as typically found on classic slots, can mix or match, but there of a matching kind pay highest with any number.

A Wild Symbol

Unlike a traditional three reel slot, this one offers a wild. The wild is the Double Gold logo, and one or two add 2x and 4x the winning bet. Seeing three of the Double Gold logos on the payline provides you with the jackpot, and really has you seeing riches.

There is a lot to say about classic slots, particularly if you have enjoyed playing at a real casino in the past. However, even if you have only had an online casino experience, you need to try out Double Gold Slots to get an idea of what real slot machine play is like.