Beach Party Slots

We must say the sound of a beach party sounds pretty good. This slot certainly gets you in the mood for one, because it comes with all the things you would expect to see from such a party. Beach balls are there to play with, and you’ll spot some star fish around too. But let’s not forget this is a slot game, so we want to know whether there are prizes in it for us. Will we enjoy what we find here?

Reels and paylines

When you see there are three reels in play here, you might assume there is just one payline. However, you’d be wrong on this occasion, because the game presents us with three of them.

Coin values to play with

The great thing about Beach Party is you can start from just one cent on each payline. If you want to increase that, you’ll find plenty more amounts to choose from as well.

Special icons used in Beach Party slots

It is possible to win with three bar icons – a mixed lot, since there are several different bar symbols included in Beach Party. However, the beach ball is the best one to get, as this will secure either 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 coins as the top prize. There are no wilds or other special icons to be found in this game though, so you are restricted to trying to grab wins for the various icons used on the reels. The lifeguard is the next best one after the beach ball, so watch out for that one too.

Are there bonus features to be found?

We doubt you will be amazed to realize that Beach Party does not have a special bonus to shoot for. That is because there are no triggering symbols available that could do this. It really is a basic slot by every sense of the word, although it still looks good and is relaxing and enjoyable to play.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Beach Party slot today

Most of the internet’s most basic slot games resort to using the basic fruit icons – cherries, lemons, and other symbols such as those bar symbols for example. So, it is nice to see Beach Party has gone in a different direction, and that makes it a good game to play whenever you are in the mood for something simpler to try.