Funky Chicks Slots

Funky Chicks Slots welcomes you to its virtual slot reels. If this game's title sounds familiar to you, then you have probably heard of or played its predecessor Funky Chicken Slots in the past. With the release of Funky Chicken Slots, that popular online slot machine game now has an equally fun and entertaining family member. In this new game, it is up to Mother Hen, Funky Chicken, Funky Jr and Tommy to give you a good and profitable time on the reels.

But be careful because these funky chickens are not the only once that will show up on the game screen when you start to spin the reels. The chickens are a delicious treat for the devious fox, and he is on a hunt to get them. However, luckily for them, the grouchy farmer is on his own hunt to catch the cunning fox.

Do you want to know how if it will all turn out well for the funky bunch of poultry, then get ready to start your very own hunt for profits in the cartoonish casino game world of Funky Chicks Slots. And get ready to be surprised when you do so, because during your spinning sessions, you will be able to benefit from many profitable poultry themed spinning opportunities.

Benefit from Profitable Poultry Themed Spinning Opportunities

The poultry is certainly profitable in this game. Start to spin all the chicken themed symbols on the reels and you will soon find out why. The funky chicken wild icon has a symbol substitute function, which makes it a useful logo for if you need to complete winning combinations. These combinations even become extra profitable when the Funky Chicken is a part of them, because the rewards will then be tripled.

The only icon that the wild is not able to replace is the scattered Mother Hen. However, this is not a problem, because the generous Mother Hen provides her very own benefits when she appears on the reels at least three times. When this situation occurs, you will receive 10 free spins. And would you be so lucky to spin her five times on the reels, then you will be rewarded with no less than 30 free spins. And it does not stop there, because you are able to re-trigger free spins as well.

Get Ready to Spin the Reels of Funky Chicks Slots

If you were one of those players who loved Funky Chicken Slots, then you will most likely develop a weak spot for the brand new Funky Chicks Slots as well. With a bit of luck and a touch of skill, you can make some lucrative poultry profits with this fun loving game. And if you are not after the golden eggs, then you can also choose to make your spins with free casino credits.