Stocking Stuffers Slots

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays, and there are countless slot games made about it. Stocking Stuffers is a slot unlike most of the others and you can tell from first glance. It looks like a simple classic slot. That's what drew us in to the game. We began testing the game and knew there was something more there. It's more than a holiday-themed classic slot. To learn why read through our complete review below and find out whether or not Stocking Stuffers is the right slot game for you.

Good Solid Wagering Options

It makes no difference whether you're a low stakes gambler, or you are a gambler that wants to put more money on the line, Stocking Stuffers accepts a decent range of wagers when you play. At the low end you're free to wager as little as $0.03 per spin over the three paylines. At the high end you can wager as much as $15.00 per spin across all three of the paylines. Either way, you can play at a level you are comfortable with and you should be able to choose a wager amount that you are happy with as well. That's one of the keys to making the most of your slot experience and having a good time.

An Exciting Top Prize

Stocking Stuffers manages to be an exciting slot game by offering good solid top prizes. Lucky gamblers that get three of the wild symbols on the reel will trigger the maximum payout of 7,500 coins. This is worth as much as $22,500 if you're wagering the top amount while playing. That's certainly something to get excited about and it's one more reason to give the slot game a try as well.

Multiply Your Wins Using Wilds

Wilds are your most powerful tool to improve the value of any winning combinations you unlock while playing Stocking Stuffers. A single wild will multiply your win by five times if you get it alongside a winning combination of symbols. Get two wilds along with another symbol and you'll multiply that win by 25x. Even smaller paying symbols become much more valuable when you add in a wild symbol or two alongside them.

A Pick and Win Bonus Round

Any gambler fortunate enough to get the Christmas gift symbol while spinning the reels in Stocking Stuffers and wagering three coins will trigger the special bonus round. The bonus feature is a pick-and-win type of game. You simply choose in one of the closed options and you'll unlock an instant prize or bonus. There are many different surprises to win, which helps to keep this slot game exciting every single time you play it.

Stocking Stuffers is an interesting slot game and one that we would happily recommend to select gamblers. If you're a gambler that wants access to the most exciting features, it's likely not right for you. If you're a gambler that prefers to keep things simple, you might find the slot refreshing. It plays like a classic slot, but tosses in just enough features to help keep the game sharp and fun even after hours of play. Test it for yourself and it could become your go-to slot game.