Holiday Feast Slots

Fancy a bite to eat? Maybe a slice or two of turkey? Whether it’s around Thanksgiving right now or not, you can be sure there is some mouthwatering action to be had if you give the Holiday Feast slot game a try. WGS is in control of this one, offering a seasonal slot with some real appeal.

Reels and lines in play

We have a classic game on our hands here. That means three reels, one line, and a feast of coins to choose from, as you’re about to see.

Coin selections

You could play just one cent on every spin of this game. Alternatively, there is a chance to crank up the betting to $10 per coin. Up to three of your selected coins are available to wager per spin.

Holiday Feast icons to watch for

Pilgrims are associated with Thanksgiving, of course, hence why we can see a pilgrim’s hat in action here. You hope that’s the case, anyway, because the hat is a wild symbol. One or two in a winning combination are good to find. One will award your prize a 2x multiplier. Find two and the multiplier is increased to an impressive 4x.

Bonus elements

Turkeys are the main dish at Thanksgiving, so it’s no surprise to find one here as well. It only appears if you are fortunate enough to trigger the bonus though, as this is the way to make that bonus happen. One turkey while playing three coins – that’s the way to do it.

Another screen will then be shown, giving you a nice tasty selection of turkeys to choose from. No real complications in store here – just choose your turkeys to reveal how much you have won from the bonus. You will then go back to the base game to continue spinning the reels.

Download Holiday Feast and enjoy playing this slot now

Holiday Feast is a simple game but a delight to play, nonetheless. With some nice prizes and great symbols on show, the best you could win here would be 2,400 coins for finding three pilgrim hats on the single line in play. If you manage to do that, you can celebrate.

Whether it is currently Thanksgiving or not, the Holiday Feast slot is a feast for the eyes and your budget. Check out the many treats it has in store now.