Island Hoppers Slots

Islands make us think of exotic holidays, white sandy beaches, and warm waters to swim in. So, does that same idea come to fruition in the Island Hoppers slot game created by WGS? That theme is a good one for us all to appreciate, and this game gives us the chance to do just that. Will you enjoy some sun-kissed wins if you give it a try today?

Reels and lines in play

There are several notable slots in the WGS collection that boast just three reels to spin when you play. You can add this one to that collection. You might guess it has just one line to wager on, which is correct.

Coin selections

Lots of games from this developer were created with plenty of coins in play. Typically, they range from a cent apiece to $10 apiece. That is the same collection of coins in action here, too. Choose between one and three coins to wager per spin.

Island Hoppers icons to watch for

Traveling between islands requires some transport - and not one with wheels either. Unless you're talking about the landing gear on a plane, which appears as one of the icons on the reels of Island Hoppers. You might also travel by boat - another symbol appearing in this game.

While each of those icons can deliver some nice prizes, the insignia is the best one to find. Shown in gold, it can give you the top prize if three should appear on the payline. You won't see a wild in action here though, nor are there any other special icons that might help in different ways.

Bonus elements

We've already mentioned the absence of special icons in the Island Hoppers slot game. That means there is little surprise involved in realizing there are no bonuses to go for either.

Download Island Hoppers and enjoy playing this slot now

You can see this is a basic game with no special features involved in it. However, if you like that kind of thing, there is plenty to appreciate in Island Hoppers. The design is great, and you can enjoy an easy time playing the game. With lots of superb ways to find quality prizes here, there is a chance you could walk away with more than you'd imagine. Only if your luck holds, of course, but Island Hoppers is pleasant to play anyway.