Mega Money Mine Slots

And what could it be worth to you? Mining may not seem like the ideal theme for a slot game, yet it has cropped up more times than we care to recall. We have yet another mine to wander into here as well – and in this one we might just find some diamonds. With WGS giving us another great experience to be had, the Mega Money Mine could be a mega hit.

Reels and lines in play

A quick glance at the format reveals this game to be a three-reel game. You can also guess at one payline here.

Coin selections

There isn’t much to select here, since there is only one coin to use. It’s not for the budget player either, since it is worth $1.50. The only option you do have is to wager between one and three of those coins on the payline.

Mega Money Mine icons to watch for

You can win a quick prize if you find one number 7 on the payline. The game doesn’t throw in any wilds, though. Check the paytable to find out what else is in store here.

The main icon to look for is also the reason why the minimum bet is so high. There is a logo that represents the game and acts as a jackpot symbol. Find three of these across the single payline and you’ll scoop part or all the game’s progressive jackpot.

The amount won depends on how many coins you placed on the payline when the three logos appeared across it. One, two, or three coins would win you 15%, 30%, or the whole pot. You can see how much the current jackpot is worth simply by looking at the game screen.

Bonus elements

There are no bonuses involved in this slot.

Download Mega Money Mine and enjoy playing this slot now

Mega Money Mine won’t be for everyone. If you love penny slots, or at least keeping your bets to a minimum, we doubt you will want to play this one. It is designed for players who like to place bigger bets. Even if you wager just one coin per spin, you’re still looking at a $1.50 bet here.

However, if your budget does meet the requirements set out by the Mega Money Mine slot, we hope you are lucky enough to reap the rewards.