Hop on Board the Orient Express

You would definitely be forgiven for thinking of a famous train, and perhaps even a classic murder mystery, now you’ve read the title for this slot game from Wager Gaming. But that’s not what you get here.

Instead, we are in the Orient so you get some Oriental-style symbols… and some classic boats as well. We guess that is what passed for the Orient Express in the time period this game is clearly set it!

So once you have got over that slight surprise, what else does the game have to appeal to you with?

What’s the story with reels and paylines?

There are 21 lines here, which is quite unusual but it’s not the first time we’ve seen this number in a Wager Gaming slot. There are however a more traditional number of reels, coming in at five all in all.

What can you bet on this slot?

One-cent bets could be the order of the day for you here, as that’s as low as you can go. Betting on everything means every spin would cost a 21-cent wager.

You’ve got the chance to increase that to $10 per line though, which equates to a $210 max bet.

Does Orient Express have more valuable symbols in play?

The dragon is actually the big payer here, as it offers a 2,500-coin prize if five appear on just one payline – assuming you have wagered money on it, of course. That’s one reason why we would always recommend you use a lower-value bet and apply it to all the lines rather than playing a higher bet on fewer lines.

All this talk of bets doesn’t cover the fact there is no wild, no scatter and no special symbols of any other kind in this slot though.

Can you play a bonus round?

With none of the regular features in play here, you won’t be startled to hear you don’t have any bonus features in play either.

Download and play Orient Express now!

So what can we make of this slot? Well, the title was a disappointment to us because when we then saw the game, we realized there was no train or classic journey to go on here. The minimal nature of the game, with very few tweaks or perks to it, makes it little more than a standard slot that is really just an enhanced three-reeler, to be honest.