Pinata Fiesta Slots

Pinatas have proven popular at lots of parties. A fiesta sounds like fun too, which means we’ve got the chance to play what could be a colorful slot in the shape of Pinata Fiesta from WGS.

This is a basic slot, featuring the paytable and the reels all on one screen. But will it feature lots of potential prizes to be won as well? And does it have enough to tempt you into a spin or two?

Reels and lines in play

You might have guessed there are three reels in this game. That is correct, as is the assumption there might only be one payline.

Coin selections

If you wish to play this as a penny slot, the cheapest coin allows you to do so. Meanwhile, the most expensive coin is worth $10. There is also a chance of playing one, two, or three coins on each spin you make.

Pinata Fiesta icons to watch for

Watch out for the sombrero, as this could be lucky for you if it appears in all the payline positions. If this combination hits, you would win the jackpot associated with the number of coins played. This would be 800 coins for a one-coin bet, or 1,600 or 2,400 coins for two or three coins wagered.

Better yet is the fact the sombrero behaves as a wild icon. Find one to help you win something and double the prize you’d ordinarily get. Find two and you will get a 4x multiplier on that prize.

Bonus elements

A wild is usually about all you can hope for in a three-reel slot – and you don’t always get that. Bonus features are even rarer. However, there is a chance of triggering one here, providing you are willing to play three coins per spin. The good news is those coins could be set to the lowest value.

If the bonus is unlocked, a second screen reveals lots of candy. Each piece hides a prize, so start choosing from them and you will see how much you have won.

Download Pinata Fiesta and enjoy playing this slot now

With a nice easy bonus feature and a wild to enjoy as well, the Pinata Fiesta slot game manages to give us plenty of entertainment in a small space. Check it out today to see if you are satisfied with what it can offer you.