Princess Jewels Slots

Jewels and gems are popping up all over the place just lately. If you play slots regularly, you might have spotted this. Given the title, we doubt the Princess Jewels slot will surprise you when it loads, because it does indeed have lots of jewels waiting to be discovered on those reels.

The one thing you will want to know, however, is whether there are prizes attached to those jewels. They appear in many colors and shapes, so the princess clearly has plenty of them. Will she reward you if you find matching gems on a line, though? Let’s find out.

Reels and paylines

The sparkly background is overlaid with five reels. You also have just nine paylines to contend with in Princess Jewels. This makes the game a good one to try if you don’t like covering too many lines, but you still enjoy the odd bonus feature.

Coin values to play with

The standard array of coins liked by the Wager Gaming team goes from a cent to $10. You will find these options present here, too, making the game a good one for any budget to fit into.

Special icons used in Princess Jewels slots

The paytable is impressive indeed in this game, showing us the princess and her jewels. That makes sense, given the title, but what can we expect to win?

Well, the princess herself is your substitute symbol. She replaces everything that might appear, and if you can find five of her on one of the lines you have bet on, well… congratulations! You will win 10,000 coins if that is the case – the jackpot for this game.

Are there bonus features to be found?

Indeed, there is. You can locate three fairy godmother icons on any payline (even one you haven’t bet on, according to the paytable) to unlock the bonus feature. The symbol is very easy to see, because it does have the word ‘bonus’ underneath it.

Get ready to download and enjoy the Princess Jewels slot today

Princess Jewels keeps the nature of that bonus secretive, since there is no information on it unless you are fortunate enough to trigger it. Will you manage to do that when you play? We do hope so, but this game is colorful enough to appeal to you throughout the regular spins as well, so we wish you good luck!