Triple Gold Slots

Triple Gold must be better than single gold, doesn’t it? Most slots have titles that relate in some way to the content, but not all of them follow this rule. Some only have tenuous links, so does this slot fall into that category or do you have golden opportunities to win some cool prizes here? Let’s see what Triple Gold has in store for us, and whether this will be a game you’ll want to go back to time and again.

How many reels and paylines are used in Triple Gold?

The game follows a classic mold and has three reels in action, which means you guessed correctly if you were expecting one payline.

What could you bet on this slot game?

Despite the single payline, you can still try this as a penny slot. The game also allows for one, two or even three coins to be wagered on the line, and for the coins to reach $10 in value in each case.

Does Triple Gold have any special symbols?

The classic game is furthered revealed to stick with tradition when you look at the paytable. This shows you cherries and bar symbol combinations you could win with. You also get lucky sevens, though whether they will be lucky for you is another matter. The logo for Triple Gold does reveal a perk, though. When one appears on a winning line – this is a wild icon in this game – it comes with a 3x multiplier. If you get two and another symbol to form a winning line, it gets better still. Would you believe the prize is given a 9x multiplier in this instance?

Is there a bonus feature?

No, the traditional nature of the game continues with a total lack of bonus features. That’s not a problem here, though, with those huge multipliers on the wild symbol. You do also have a chance to win the jackpot if you find three wilds on your payline. A single-coin bet would bring in 5,000 in this instance, but two coins doubles the jackpot to 10,000 coins. And three… well, you would secure 15,000 coins if you could find that combination on a three-coin bet.

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