Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

WGS have done it again. The follow up to the hugely successful first installment in the Wild X series. With loads of great bonus features, Wilds, and free spins, the excitement is taken to another level. With 3 reels and a single payline, there is beauty in simplicity, and just as much chances to win, if not more. A progressive jackpot is included with a pot of $10,000, that just has to be won by someone. Could that be you? Coin values range from just 1 cent moving up to a respectable $5 per coin. Since 3 coins is the maximum permissible bet, in cash terms, it is $15 a bet/spin.

Special Features & Symbols

Ultimate 10x Wild doesn't need to rely on gimmicks or cosmetics to cover up the shortcomings of the game. There are no shortcomings only positive features. If there were zero features, Ultimate 10x Wild would still be worth playing. Have no fear however, there 'are' some interesting and valid game features that add spice to the game and increase the chances of winning something.

Classic Symbols

Classic symbols grace the game. You will see a Cherry, a Diamond, a single Bar, a double Bar and a triple Bar. There is a Triple 3X symbol and an Ultimate 10X Logo, Sevens and Bells. There is a useful double up feature, just in case you are feeling adventurous. AutoPlay, Spin/Bet and Up and Down buttons to set the bet amount.

Mobile Version

Ultimate 10x Wild comes in a streamlined mobile version so the game can be enjoyed on the go. In fact, checking the two versions side by side, the mobile stands its ground admirably, with head held high. Today, mobile devices (tablets & smartphones) have overtaken desktop as the first choice platform for gamers. It is therefore refreshing and gratifying to notice that the mobile version has been given the importance it deserves.

The Ultimate Slot

This game bills itself as the Ultimate. With 10 x Wild attached, it sure comes close. There are 9 winning combinations possible and this keeps the wagering manageable. The two Wild symbols add a touch of magic and more than a handful of luck to the game flow, you will be pleasantly surprised with the frequency of their appearance. The Ultimate 10X Wild symbol pays out 10 times your bet. If you get only one on the pay line. If you get two, that goes up to 100 times your bet. The progressive jackpot does no harm either and a tempting addition it is as well. The paytable appears at the top of your screen so you can always check your balance at any point of time during the game. You can check the symbols values, your balance and the combination values. Well worth reading before setting out on wagering. Being able to win 30,000 coins with a 3 coin bet is great news in anyone's book. 2 coins wins you 20,000 and a single coin can realistically net you 10,000 coins. The excitement is prevalent from start to finish.

End of the Road

Ultimate 10x Wild promises a lot. Upon checking out every feature, function, bonus, payout and progressive jackpot, one can easily come to the conclusion that the game really does deliver. In fact, its strength is in its simplicity. But in no way does this take away from the entertainment or gambling action, in fact quite the contrary. Discover the thrill of a pure and traditional casino game brought to life on your desktop or mobile platform.